FRINGE 2021 – Jackson Vs Jackson – The Moa at Gluttony – 4K

By Belle Dunning

Gospo Collective has become a staple of the Adelaide Fringe scene over the past few years, and their 2021 performance of ‘Jackson Vs Jackson’ doesn’t disappoint.

Under the lead of Charmaine Jones, the gospel vocal ensemble and band deliver an hour of high-energy pop hits from the back catalogue of Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson and the Jackson 5. 

There is little to fault with the performance, which is highly polished and professional and continues to captivate audiences every year. One song blends effortlessly into the next under Jones’ masterful composition and a minimal backing band allows the vocalists to shine. The enjoyment and passion of each of the performers is infectious and will have you socially-distanced dancing in your seat in no time!

Although the weather was perfect for this open-air venue on the night I visited, the only downside was that the vocalists had to compete occasionally with surrounding sounds from other shows (and a helicopter!).

Catch ‘Jackson Vs Jackson’ in Gluttony for a thoroughly enjoyable night out at the final weekend of the Fringe.

Kryztoff Rating 4K

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