Fringe 2023 : Creme de la Creme : The Vault, Fools Paradise : 5K

Unsure about what to see at the Fringe? Creme de la Creme is a great place to start because the show features a variety of superbly talented artists who are all appearing elsewhere across the Fringe. Expect to see performances by aerialists, magicians, acrobats, and jugglers combined with lashings of hilarity.

Presented by Head First Acrobats in the Vault (think vaulted ceiling as opposed to dark & dingy crypt) at Fools Paradise, this is an interesting geodesic dome performance space (airconditioned) where all the seats appear to afford good views of the action. (Cushions recommended on the firm seats, but that said, being skinny… I take one with me everywhere I go).

All the performances on Saturday night were top class, very professional with
brilliant timing, coordination and stage presence. It would be difficult for me to pick my favourite act but Imogen (Rise of the Olive) with her wine and candles and Olivia Porter (Party Ghost) with her darkly bizarre juggling act were standouts. Paul Dabek (London Calling) is a very funny magician and improviser. Faye and Ant (Love, Life, Laundry) have fun turning circus stereotypes on their head with their clever genderbending acrobatics. There was wonderful hoopwork from both Chelsea Angel and Annie. Shaunah Johnson is a fabulous aerialist who thrilled the audience with her work on the silks. Apologies to anyone I’ve missed : you were all great.

The M.C tied all the acts together seamlessly with wit and humour and also treated us to a very funny/very gross demonstration of the Head First Acrobats RAT test technique.
The lighting and music complemented the acts.
All in all this was a fun and entertaining experience.

Kryztoff Rating 5K

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