Theatre – Pratchett Pieces Three – Bakehouse – Til 24th Feb

The fantasy world of wizards, witches and heroes of Sir Terry Pratchett, played out in his Discworld, is rapidly becoming not of another place but a common occurrence at the Bakehouse. And if audience reaction is anything to go by, longer seasons are going to be required as more expose of our modern world in another time attracts a growing local legion of fans.

This year for PP III director and adaptor, Pamela Munt looks at death and beyond, the curses of committees, disco, academia and, of all things, chickens. That list alone tells you that the show keeps you guessing and enjoying as the Unseen Theatre Company cast rollick their way through the two hour production.

As for the performances, the first half belongs very much to the director herself who has warmed even more to her role as Granny Weatherwax than was the case last year in Wyrd Sisters. Indeed Weatherwax completely dominates the stage both physically and mentally in the first hour, with all others seemingly tailed off in her wake, including soul mate Nanny Ogg (Michelle Wichelo) – you can almost feel her curses permeating the bleachers.

In the second half Paul Messenger does nice work as the ‘big shouty man’ with his roles as John attesting to the events of the night the (disco) music died and Arch Chancellor Mustrum Ridcully highlights.

The interplay between another world, piercing social commentary of our times and great humour requires a deft touch and the Unseen team have the knack and the talent to pull it off. This is great entertainment and the fact it is not part of the Fringe should not deter anybody from indulging themselves in Pratchett Pieces III while the mysterious Discworld descends upon us til 24 Feb.  ‘Another night out at the theatre’ can now rightfully lay claim to be part and parcel of the annual Adelaide cultural scene.

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