FRINGE – La Chevre Noir – La Boheme – 4K

A struggling Parisian night club has sacrificed its soul to a master chef and it is all the regular cast can do to sing on as best they can in the face of this humiliation. On this flimsy premise is built a terrific cabaret show at La Boheme. Catherine Campbell, Sidonie Henbest and Jamie Jewell (as Gigi, Celeste and Jacque with a near outrageous hairdo) roam the stage and amongst their audience with great gusto making us French with lessons in speech, love and food.

Campbell in particular stars with her zany delivery but all are a delight and the master chef’s ridiculous prattle before a demise driven by a popular breakfast spread lifts the atmosphere in a room ideally sized and decked out for such a show.

Sophisticated, adult cabaret; a lovely way to round out a night doing Fringe shows; a sliver of Paris – enjoy it as you will but book soon as already many of their shows have sold out and word of mouth from last night is sure to boost sales along as well. La Chevre Noir is a delight.

Kryztoff Rating   4K

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