FRINGE – Legacy of the Tiger Mother – Adelaide Town Hall, David Spence Room – 5K

Get Ready for Tough Love, Asian style! and be prepared for some reverse racism.

“Few musical theatre works engage the modern Asian immigrant experience,” notes co- creator Angela Chan, a third generation Chinese American and professional pianist.  “I wanted to create a piece that was inspired by my own childhood and spoke directly to Asians, since we’ve been under-represented in musical theatre, except for period works such as ‘South Pacific’ and ‘Miss Saigon.’

Created by long time friends and colleagues Angela Chan and co-author Michael Manley, Legacy of the Tiger Mother is the musical journey of Lily, a first generation Chinese immigrant, and her daughter Mei. Like many Chinese, Mei and Lily consider the piano the gateway to success, with perfection and ‘First Prize’ being the ultimate goals. But at Mei’s daughter Kim’s piano recital, Mei clashes with Lily over how much is too much when it comes to parenting. Mei must decide for herself what is the perfect balance of mixing the old with the new and still meet her mother’s approval. East meets west in this funny, irreverent and moving story about a mother, a daughter, a piano, and tough love, Asian style.

This musical theatre is extremely well presented by two young Australian educated performers, Chiew-Jin Khut as Lily and Yen Yen Stender as Mei, both with amazing voices.

A highly recommended, entertaining piece of musical theatre of a moving story, politically incorrect, filled with great humour and tough love told with great lyrics.

“Lazy White Children” Song:

Kryztoff Rating   5K

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