FRINGE – Deanne Smith – Livin’ the Sweet Life – Gluttony – 2.5K

2012 may well or should go down as the gay themed Fringe. Every second show (or is it even more prevalent than that) seems totally fixated on gay marriage, gay acts, gay anxiety and then gay marriage again. Do these performers really believe the whole universe can think of nothing else? (Apologies right now for those performers who are trying to deal with some of these issues in a helpful way.) Tonight it was Canadian comedienne Deanne Smith.

I first saw Smith at Feast two years ago and in the context of her audience that night her patter was explainable. But Smith is one of the better (potential) comics on the circuit with great stage charisma, delivery and wit with a brain to match. So why she sees it necessary at the Adelaide Fringe to seemingly play to the only crowd she thinks will come to her shows is, at this juncture, beyond me. Come on Deanne, sure you have to start somewhere and sustain a hard core of fans but have a go at reaching out beyond lesbian fantasies. (Tonight’s speciality was the intricacies of a bikini wax.)

With so much good stuff good stuff there about her 10 day meditation retreat, her nerdy love song and a very funny rant about how the making of cell phones should get every true blue tree hugger on the planet up in arms, fellow lesbians will rate this a 4 to 4.5 star hour.

The rest of us may just leave shaking our heads and wondering why those ten minutes needed to exist at all.

Kryztoff Rating (for rest of the worlders)    2.5K

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