FRINGE 2013 – Foreign Objects – Austral Hotel – Red Room – 3K

Foreign Objects is a group of 3 female comedians, a Greek, an Asian and a Kiwi, who joined together to bring their own comedy show to the Adelaide Fringe.

With home bases in New Zealand, Australia and New York, TM Bishop has appeared on some of the most prominent stages internationally and televised in NZ and the U.S., spreading her kiwi humour worldwide.

Hailing from Singapore, Ting Lim represented Queensland as a state finalist in both the RAW finals and the Green Faces competition in 2010, becoming a recognisable face on Australian television.

Soulla Pants takes her Greek comedy to a variety of clubs and venues throughout Australia, as a performer and MC that charms audiences of all diversities.

Having a good sized audience in the small Red Room, this year with an oversized fan to keep everyone cool during the warmer days, created a good atmosphere for the three. A bit of a mixed bag with some material much better than others, as well as a noticeable gap in the quality of the tree. Ranging from some ignorable crudeness to some clever deliveries. Overall the crowd present seemed to be quite entertained and the Greek, Asian and Kiwi  seemed quite ok at working in a very intimate venue.

Foreign Objects will be performed until March 10.

Kryztoff Rating   3K

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