SMA Kryztoff banner May 13 100dpi2013 Cab LogoBy Peter Maddern

Fans of traditional cabaret may not know whether to laugh or cry as Meow Meow, clad only in her underwear (as a result of ‘a hiring stuff up by her producer’), takes to classic Weimar and New York table entertainment with sword and satire. Whether seeking to inject ‘atmosphere’ into a frigid Adelaide crowd, spice things up with Vegas style lighting and making perhaps the most awkward costume change in theatre history, Melissa Madden Gray is a rollicking delight.

Anyone who has witnessed Dame Edna’s antics will spot the provenance of this show but Gray is unabashed as hapless males are brought up on stage to nurse her various protrusions and folds while she sings and even the members of her two piece band are required to strip down in sympathy with her.

Notwithstanding the roses and rockette dolls flying around at will, there is actually singing going on; rich, edgy and pulsating renditions of works from Brel to Brecht to Radiohead – though amongst the mayhem it is perhaps the weakness of the show that one does not get more of an opportunity to appreciate Miss Meow’s vocal skills.

The is fine entertainment and somewhat like Eddie Perfect’s musical, it may be you will never look at the genre in quite the same way again. A show to enjoy over and over with her crowd surfing finale amongst who booked the earliest a memory that will joyfully stay with you for a long time beyond the show.

Kryztoff Rating   5K

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