Ballet Revolución – Her Majesty’s Theatre

From the first haunting moment on stage, the troupe of Ballet Revolución mesmerised a capacity crowd at Her Majesty’s Theatre for the Adelaide premiere of the 2013 season.

Combining breathtaking feats of athleticism with sensual dance moves, Ballet Revolución’s incredibly talented Cuban dancers – supported by the Ballet Revolución Live-Band – entertained the crowd with an enormous variety of numbers including sexy Shakira pieces, enthusiastic Prince renditions and an hilarious Cee-Lo Green performance. Largely thanks to the similarities between my iPod and the backing track, this performance ultimately felt less like a show and more like I had accidentally stumbled upon a nightclub filled with gorgeous people having the best night of their lives.

With something for everyone, from traditional ballet to funky Latin American dancing and even breakdancing, this show is captivating – not to mention the oodles of eye candy.

As so often, it is disappointing to see an Adelaide crowd refusing to get excited during a world-class performance, and watch such a high-octane show without so much as a shuffle in their seats.

Nonetheless, this show is, quite simply, more fun than Carnevale in Rio – and a darn sight sexier.


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