STOMP ’13 – Her Majesty’s – Til 1st September – 4K

SMA Kryztoff banner Jul 13 01 100dpiStomp-13By Peter Maddern

For its invention and wit, grace and dexterity, Stomp ’13 delivers an astounding evening of what one can do with everyday objects found around the home and the shed. Set in an old time grease monkey’s dream retreat, replete with barrels and bins, tyre rims and cans, signs and extinguishers, the eight Stomp dancers deliver a delightful visual and aural experience.

From whence such ideas come and from where such performers emanate one can only guess. For the cast resembles no other dance ensemble one can remember with some of the guys of great beef, others of intimidating brawn. The timing was at times breathtaking and perhaps it was ironic that when things messed up, it was not human error at play but their props; a burst plastic bag here, a broom head there and a cigarette lighter than wouldn’t flame.

But no matter, the wit and humour and interactions with the audience were infectious and the routines involving kitchen sinks and the timpani on the upper stage lit like an amusement lane at the Show were highlights.

If criticism can be made, the show perhaps is too long by at least 15 minutes. Still, none can complain that the production company tried to gyp them. Importantly, Stomp can be enjoyed by all ages, with the seven year old before me squealing with such delight from the moment of kick off, that he required a pit stop in order to get through to the end.

Loud, riveting, charming and beautifully artistic, Stomp ’13 is a great show.

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