OzAsia – Meeting with Bodhisattva – Her Majesty’s Theatre – 3.5K

Meeting with Bodhisattva

Meeting with Bodhisattva

Adelaide’s annual OzAsia Festival opened on the night of the 13th with Meeting with Bodhisattva at Her Majesty’s Theatre. Officially opened by Hon. Chloe Fox, MP.

Meeting with Bodhisattva expresses a journey of a man facing his fears as he enters unknown territories; a journey from questioning everything to accepting anything that happens to him for better or for worse and is divided into six scenes. Bodhisattva is the god of wisdom in Tibetan Buddhism. His right hand holds a sword towards his brain; his left hand reaches out with a book. The image of Bodhisattva suggests that a person should have the courage to cut off all of his irritation when he investigates the wisdom, as well as the wisdom to challenge himself when he is looking for knowledge.

Sixteen drummers from Taiwan’s U-Theatre perform this blend of drumming, dance, rhythm with precise form & movement, which was created in 2002 and has been performed extensively around the world.

To really appreciate this synthesis of theatre, percussion, martial arts and meditation, one probably needs to know more about the wisdom of Bodhisattva.

Kryztoff Rating   3.5K

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