FRINGE – The Best of Adelaide Fringe – Late Show – Al Amir – 3.5K

By Olivia Henry


best-of-fringe-late-showThe Best of Adelaide Fringe – Late Show is a collection of some of the best comedians in the late night timeslot. The show is hosted by Christian Elderfield, the English comedian who loves to draw material from members of the small audience.

The endearing Neil Sinclair delivers some very punny one-liners. The audience participation continues with Sinclair as he plays “Talent or Rubbish” accompanied by his ukulele.

Biracial comedian Bruce Fummey provides an insight into the life of a Ghanaian-Scottish man travelling the world and fighting his way through Australian customs.

The laid-back Nik Coppin handles hecklers very well as he tells stories of love of ‘bogans’ and ‘chavs.’

Gary Sansome begins by initiating a singalong and ends dragging a heckler onto the stage to dance and sing with him. Because of this, Sansome is unable to finish his material… Although it is amusing and satisfying to put the heckler on the spot after a night of rude, unnecessary outbursts.

Jacques Barrett is the headline act who turns the show from ‘good’ to ‘great.’ Barrett is a typical country Australian who packs a variety of jokes into a small timeframe, scattering a number of accents in between. During his short set, Barrett covers travel, family and even the story surrounding his unusual name. His loud voice commands attention and his delivery silences hecklers who are otherwise unable to keep their mouths shut.

This show would be most enjoyable for those aged 20-40. It is apparent that the late night timeslot and casual atmosphere is a breeding ground for hecklers. The comedians are able to bounce back from the distraction a majority of the time. However throughout the night there are a few salvageable punchlines. Overall the variety of comedic style provides a little something for most tastes. The Best of Adelaide Fringe – Late Show is a great show to go and see for those who are unable settle on which Fringe show to choose, or simply those who love variety.


Kryztoff rating: 3.5K


Best of Adelaide Fringe – Late Show

Al Amir, 217 Rundle Street, Adelaide

February 14-15, 21-22, 28, March 1, 7-8, 14-15

11pm – 00.30am (followed by late bar to 3am)

All Tickets: $18, Concessions: $13


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