FRINGE 2015: Swing and Blues Dance Lessons for Beginners! – The German Club, Wolf Blass Weinkeller – 3.5K

Held in the humble basement of the German Club, this class is unstructured, unassuming and surprisingly successful. The slightly shambolic teaching and relaxed atmosphere suit the informal style of blues dance and set the scene well for the playful hour of clumsy dancing that ensues. What teachers Kira and Andy lack in polish they more than make up for in enthusiasm and good humor which quickly translates to their students, putting everyone at ease. This is something you become increasingly thankful for when you are later taught to do a move that involves literal thigh-slapping. The class does not take itself at all seriously and if you are prepared to laugh at yourself and do the same, you will thoroughly enjoy yourself.

After a quick warm up, you are taught some basic steps and given ample opportunity to practice with the other students. This is followed by instruction on how to move around and some more difficult steps, with practice after every new instruction. Dancing after each new step helps consolidate what you learn and prevents the content becoming overwhelming. The class is paced well for beginners and kept interesting by frequently switching dance partners.

At the conclusion of the 8:15pm class, there is social dancing for those keen to bust out their new-learnt moves with fellow blues enthusiasts. If you’re looking for a laid back evening, with lots of laughter and a feeling of not totally controlling your limbs, this class will not disappoint.

Kryztoff rating: 3.5K

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