FRINGE 2015: Psych! – Gluttony – The Peacock – 4K

Mentalist & Mind reader Phoenix uses his showmanship to keep the audience amazed until they leave wondering, “How did he know that?” For those who wonder what a mentalist show is compared to a magic show, where the question left in the audiences mind is “How did he do that?” Which is every good showman’s aim to have their audience departing with this question, rather than knowing how it was done. Although as a great showman would do, Phoenix does give just that little bit away, just to wet the appetite.

This years Fringe has a selection of Mentalist and Magic shows and Phoenix’s years of experience does come through, not in the tricks, but in what usually sets the more experienced apart, the showmanship. Entertaining the audience with remarkable feats, is it all real or just amazing trickery? Are the slip ups really slip ups? Or is there something more that hasn’t been noticed yet?

Very entertaining and well worth seeing as it will have you wondering what is possible and where does the impossible begin to be real?

At the Gluttony – The Peacock until Sunday 22 February.

Kryztoff Rating   4K

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