FRINGE 2015 – #FirstWorldWhiteGirls – La Boheme – 5K

We live in such a problematic society, and we feel as if we are alone. This show will make you realise that our problems are either they’re smaller than you think or they’re more than real than they should be.

With a very appropriate venue, Brisbane beauties, Judy Hainsworth and Kaitlin Oliver Parker, better known as the First World White Girls, graces the La Boheme with their incredibly stunning floral dresses, fur capelets and sparkling bling that will surely make any New York socialite act like a magpie.


A very interactive variety show that will make you realise first-hand how first world problems are real problems that’s very much evident through the girl’s genuine emotions. It’s definitely a pleasurable experience for anyone who knows someone or experience these things. Never have a dull moment as they narrate and sing their very witty jokes and tips that would absolutely make go “That’s so true!” with every lyric. It really helps that the songs are very catchy and comical and performed in varying singing styles. It’s an experience of combining all your friends, their whines or simply their Facebook status updates.

Enjoy bonus features such as a free counselling session or hacks to cope up with the ever-challenging consumerist first world life.

Absolutely delightful, and you’d literally question if you want to leave. This show exceeded my expectation and it’s much recommended for everyone. #FirstWorldWhiteGirls #SuperAmazing


Kryztoff Rating: 5K

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