By Anthony Nguyen

10546_Jeff_Chris_EFUL_GUIDEBased in Perth, Jeffrey Jay Fowler and Chris Isaacs debut at the 2016 Adelaide Fringe with their award-winning show FAG/STAG. Narrated separately between the two performers, the story tells of the troubled struggles of two best friends (gay and straight) from different and sometimes conflicting perspectives.

As told through the eyes of the characters: Jimmy (Fowler) and Corgan (Isaacs), the narrative shows a complicated friendship and the drama leading up to the big wedding day of Corgan’s (and Jimmy’s) ex-girlfriend Tamara. All while bonding through games of Donkey Kong, both characters display emotional turmoil with Jimmy handling his breakup with his boyfriend, Tim, through Grindr hook-ups and Corgan dealing with the struggles of his own insecurities with masculinity and self-worth.

With a commanding stage presence and impressive vocal delivery, it is without a doubt that Fowler and Isaacs are strong and emotional theatrical performers. The show consists of a good balance between storytelling with some comedic tones, and also dealing with the heavier darker topics that occur in the story. Additionally, the show utilizes backing audio and stage lighting effectively to set the location and tone during the performance.

It is the intense storytelling and writing that prove that Fowler and Isaacs are strong performers in theatre. Through the brilliant execution a moving and emotional story, the performance highlights the strong love that the two best friends have for each other despite their misgivings. Located in the intimate Ukiyo tent, FAG/STAG completes their run on February 28th with shows on most nights at the Royal Croquet Club.

Kryztoff Rating: 4K

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