Fringe 2016: Coin Operated Girl 4K

Half sex-ed lesson half business class; Coin Operated Girl is an insight into the life of a successful London sex worker. In her very descriptive and revealing show Miranda Kane walks the audience through the tools of the trade, interactions with clients and at one point discussed the legalities of brothels in the UK.

Kane is a confident and open performer, drawing laughs from the audience with rehearsed and improvised material. The timing and delivery of her material was excellent with howls of laughter emanating from the crowd. Most importantly Miranda was very calm and confident, creating a very safe space for her audience who interacted with her often and humorously.

There were many opportunities for Miranda to denigrate the sex worker industry but she her observations and stories were enjoyable and respectful. It was refreshing to see a performance like this which so openly discusses the often taboo topic of the sex industry. Kane was clearly trying to have an open discussion of the sex industry and while it was very enjoyable it was also quite sobering.

Coin Operated Girl is a well constructed, entertaining hour long show; a clever and witty insight into the lives of sex workers and the incredible stories that accompany them. Some huge laughs with some very insightful knowledge, a great show.


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