Fringe 2016 – La Pena Flamenca – La Boheme – 4.5K

By Julie Robins

La Boheme is transformed into a Pena Flamenca ; an Andalusian club where traditional flamenco can be experienced in an intimate setting.  The evening presented by Adelaide-based Studio Flamenco kicks off with a four count beat tangos full of vitality and passion featuring all five dancers.  The audience is  then led through a gamut of emotions including sorrow, joy, love and humour  via a variety of dance and song styles ; tangos, siguiriyas, alegrias, rumba enamorao, farruca and bulerias. The solo and group dance routines are highly expressive passionate renditions, innovative as well as traditional.  The evening is completed by an exuberant bulerias, the traditional fin de fiesta.

The unique qualities and personality of each of the performers is drawn out by the expressive nature of flamenco.  The captivating singer, Zoe Velez, has travelled from Sydney to be part of the show and also provides a wonderful cameo dance performance.

With excellent guitar accompaniment throughout by Aloysius Leeson and Marduk Gault , Pena Flamenca is a very accomplished and enjoyable experience.  Recommended for lovers of flamenco and also for those who have never had the pleasure of experiencing this form live.

Kryztoff Rating 4.5K

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