FRINGE CABARET – Prohibition – Gluttony – 3.5K

Prohibition-FringeBy Peter Maddern

A show called Prohibition is ideally located in a tent called the Speakeasy in this year’s much enlarged Gluttony. The show contains all the usual elements of a physical theatre show with a rapid-fire cylinder balancing act, an astounding pea and thimble routine and the local ‘Dick’ presenting a sparkling card trick spiel. It is the presence of the singer ‘Minnie the Man Eater’ who gets the show somewhat generously listed as ‘Cabaret’ in the Fringe guide.

It’s all good fun with better than usual humour featuring some performers one may well have seen on our streets in years gone by – certainly the sword swallower looked familiar even if his matching set of nipple rings didn’t.

The show probably goes 15 minutes too long but it’s all worth the effort if you are looking for your annual fix of that style of show.

Kryztoff Rating   3.5K

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