FRINGE CIRCUS – Attic – Tandanya – 5K

5e9b70ed15d956b057e955b6d684fa20By Peter Maddern

Circus, or “physical theatre” as it is known in polite circles, has increasingly become the ‘go to’ act for venue operators and producers; witness Limbo, Soap and Blanc de Blanc stuffed all together in this year’s Fringe program. But the problem circus has it that it has all become very bland; the same solo routines done in isolation or with just a nod to some show title or context. Not sure I can handle much more of that stuff!

Well, Outside the Lines’ Attic is a breath of fresh air, an oxygen jolt to send you high – a show that has thought through the genre’s mindless repetition and under-performance and delivered 50 minutes of great integration and invention.

Set in an attic of waste packing boxes, old cupboards and sheet covered furniture, the six performers set about their work with a zeal and confidence that has the kids present gasping and shrieking in delight from the opening twists and flights. But don’t let that or the time slot fool or deter you; this is something special for adults too.

While there are no laggards, the preposterously well-built Jordan Hart and the miniature Dylan Philips dominate in a show that has the legs to be around for a long time and to tour widely – I hope the ambition shown in the show’s conception extends to their programing plans.

Superior circus, delivering a shot in the arm to a genre that is otherwise risking a rapid death wallowing in its own self-indulgences – and all home grown. The best coin that can be spent on circus this Fringe!

Kryztoff Rating  5K

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