FRINGE 2017 – Gabriel – Holden Street Theatres – 4K

GABRIEL is a barefooted ballet by the Victorian State Ballet that incorporates various styles from contemporary and classical dance. The performance is very expressionist in its sense and can deem to have some sense for most of the show, but you don’t take notice much of it because the breathtaking moves are magnificent and captivating.

An exploration of the biblical archangel, Gabriel, the performance doesn’t really convey much about the messenger angel – however, celestial characters in chaotic yet charming choreographies is a the flowing theme. The symphony of lights, smokes and sounds work very well with their draping, white costumes.

Soothing soundtrack mainly by Peter Gabriel and some Enya is played all over the performance which fortifies the heavenly feel.

A couple of mishaps during the performance didn’t deter the full effect of the dancing and truly gives a sense of heaven on earth and the delivery of the beauty of the human form and movement.

Overall, a very pleasurable presentation done by very skilled performers.


Kryztoff Rating: 4K




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