FRINGE COMEDY – Becky Brunnings: Beaming – The Piglet at Gluttony – 3K

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Becky Brunning is an unassuming comic. In her words, if she were a sandwich, she’d be egg. Largely based around her supposed personal failings and a deep love for food, there’s something relatable in Brunning’s show for anyone who’s failed their driver’s test, been the least attractive friend or attempted Dry July.

By Brunning’s own admission, this is a new show. It’s clear she’s still working out a few slow bits and lines that sounded better in her head. Despite a few dry interludes, Brunning gave an enthusiastic and moderately engaging show and was, in most instances, truly funny. This show is suited to adults of any age, particularly those with a feminist bent and those who understand the struggles of eating too many chips.

Kryztoff Rating 3K

by Kai Niezgoda

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