Limbo Unhinged – The Garden – 4K

The Limbo gang are back with a more incredible show than ever. Combining physical theatre, circus stunts, comedy and acrobatics, Limbo Unhinged is a fantastic show.

From the very first act the performers had the audience roused. The show begins with physical theatre; a man who winds and bends himself like a corkscrew. This is a returning theme throughout the show, each performer comes out and presents an incredible skill which only builds until it borders on unbelievable. At one point the audience collectively thought “There is no way this woman can fit any more swords in her mouth” and the audience was wrong. Oh so wrong.


The cast not only performs an eye popping selection of acrobatic and other feats, they also provide and play their own backing music. Beautiful vocals accompany rich guitar and drum sets which perfectly set the pace for the show.

The show continues, bringing in comedic and other elements to perpetuate the audience’s clapping. As the show builds to it’s close, fire is of course involved.


This show will leave you gaping like a fish. It is the best circus show at the fringe by far. Every time you think you’ve seen a trick before a new method or approach is brought, bringing the performer closer to danger and the audience deeper into excitement.



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