FRINGE 2017: Scientology: The Musical – Warehouse at The Producers – 5K

By Tom Eckert


From the creators of Abbott! The Musical, George Glass bring a new absurdist rock musical destined to inspire the same level of following as the name sake of their show show at its peak.

Intelligent and satirical, Scientology: The Musical is characterised by songs that subvert Broadway to T.S. Eliot and manage to tick off most major religions along the way. Catchy riffs and rapid-fire word play would make this a production that could easily be enjoyed again and again with a style deserving of the tagline L. Ron Hubbard Superstar.

The production is filled to the brim with iconic characters (often conveniently supplied from the Scientology canon) played often many each in rapid succession by a chameleon cast.

Notable highlights were Braden Hamilton as an L. Ron Hubbard Proxy via Monty Python “Brad” and Nicholas Conway as an Auckland derived Scientology staffer and Xemu the galactic dictator played halfway between Freddie Mercury and Adolf Hitler.

A unique brand of humor and with a style all of their own, I have no doubts that George Glass will take Edinburgh by storm.


Kryztoff Rating: 5K

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