FRINGE 2017 – COMEDY – Sam Peterson: Sammy P Has Friends/Creationism with Fiona O’Loughlin – 3K

Creationism (Formerly Sammy P Has Friends) is a situational/sketch comedy stage show at Adelaide’s beloved Rhino Room. It features God’s chosen angels, Sam and Fiona, discussing the creation of the world as it unfolds over seven days. The angels create things like sleep, regret and kangaroos, and discuss the effects of these things on humans. How many commandments is too many? Are people inherently good? Should testicles be on the inside or the outside? These extremely important questions are addressed throughout the show.


While the show has potential, on this particular evening it didn’t quite hit the mark. The situations and conversations still feel scripted, and the transitions were not as smooth as they could have been. Surprisingly, Sam and Fiona shone brightest through their mistakes and resulting improvisation. These ‘bumps’ in the show allowed the artists to find a rhythm and get more comfortable with the audience. As such, the show picked up towards the end and is likely to improve with subsequent shows.


Sam and Fiona have a great comedic chemistry with a lot of potential, if nurtured correctly. They need not rely on a script so closely, because they’re witty enough without it. Creationism runs from Tuesday March 14 until Saturday March 18. Check it out, as this show is sure to evolve over the next few nights as they experiment with each audience!

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