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FRINGE – The Best of the Fest Late Show at The GOV – 4K

The Gov, not quite as glam as L.A.s House of the Blues and yet not as grungy as Sydney’s Three Weeds, provided a perfect venue showcasing talent as a taster. 4K

(ADELAIDE FRINGE 2012) Marcel Blanch-de Wilt “Fät Wânk” Interview (comedy)

By Calen Vanstone (interview link) Some people think art is a load of wank. Other people think a load of wank is art. Our protagonist believes art could be the answer as he heads on an absurd exploration of life through religion, drugs, love and office work to discover if it’s just a …

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FRINGE – Adelaide Comedy Debate – Arkaba – 2.5K

At nearly four hours long, it was perhaps a little drawn out, but it was an enjoyable evening. 2.5K

FRINGE: Your Days Are Numbered: The Maths of Death – Comedy – The Science Exchange – 3.5K

You don’t have to love statistics for this show to be entertaining, though it is likely to appeal most to those with at least a passing interest. So if you enjoy your comedy a little intellectual and don’t mind a graph or two, get along to the Science Exchange. Chances are, you’ll have a good time. 3.5K

FRINGE – Deanne Smith – Livin’ the Sweet Life – Gluttony – 2.5K

With so much good stuff good stuff there about her 10 day meditation retreat, her nerdy love song and a very funny rant about how the making of cell phones should get every true blue tree hugger on the planet up in arms, fellow lesbians will rate this a 4 to 4.5 star hour. The rest of us may just leave shaking our heads and wondering why those ten minutes about lesbian fantasies needed to exist at all. 2.5K

FRINGE – Mangina – Spare Room – Garden – 3.5K

Anyone who is, was or who wonders about the plight of the ‘misfits’ of our society should take Mangina in. 3.5K

FRINGE – Tony Roberts – The Gambler – The Cupola, Garden – 2.5k

‘The Gambler’ isn’t the best show you will see at the Fringe, and needs some work to improve the continuity of the show and avoid some of the lengthy pauses while Tony sets up his next trick. However, it’s impossible to deny that Tony is phenomenal at what he does. 2.5K

FRINGE – The Axis of Awesome World Tour 2006 – 4K

Mixing the usual great banter with much loved favourites and some new, the Axis of Awesome offer safe and enjoyable fare for those who have seen them before and a treat for first timers. 4K

FRINGE – Dr Brown Brown Brown – The Kid’s Show – The Garden – 4K

Desirable for children three to seven or eight years of age, this physical comedy will delight, with plenty for parents to smile about as well. 4K

(ADELAIDE FRINGE 2012) Dave Callan “The Psychology Of Laughter” Interview (comedy)

During the last Edinburgh Fringe Dave found a book called ‘The Psychology of Laughter’. written 100 years ago. He read it. Then he wrote this show. Now you are reading this. To complete the process, come see the show.