Tag: Art Gallery of South Australia

ADELAIDE FESTIVAL – Bill Viola – AGSA etc – 4K

Spread across three venues (and still on at the AGSA), this review of Viola’s works for the Adelaide Festival encompasses seven installations, all of which with sufficient patient viewing will entrance and enthral. 4K

SALA – Heartland – AGSA – 3.5K

The Heartland initiative would seem one that could emulate the Samstag’s commitment to the state’s local collectors; that is by being a regularly appearing exhibition. Replacing or alternating with the Biennial of Australian Art at Festival time is one suggestion. 3.5K

Turner From The Tate – AGSA – 5K

Turner from the Tate delivers on showing the vagaries and genius of the man. 5K

FRINGE – Allegoria Sacra – AES+F – Art Gallery – 4.5K

Compared with the two previous (aforementioned) works, not much new in terms of imagery or technology happens here – the tens of thousands of photographs used to comprise the moving images we see are as big and bold and as rich with metaphor as they are imagination as the previous works. 4.5K