Tag: Elizabeth Hay

FRINGE 2017: Stories in the Dark – Holden Street Theatres – 4K

Performed in the Manse at Holden Street, this is an intimate experience, with audience members filling seating around the walls of a room no bigger than an average bedroom, and clustered on pouffes on the floor. Absolute darkness is essential, so do yourself and your fellow audience members a favour and switch off all phones …

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FRINGE 2016: THEATRE – The Last Time I Saw Richard – Bakehouse Theatre – 4.5K

The Last Time I saw Richard is a quirky, well-paced, exploration of a romantic relationship. Written by Cat Commander, it’s an eloquently penned series of encounters between two people, which is often funny, sometimes moving and always engaging. When we first meet them, April and Richard are newly acquainted and clearly hitting it off. The …

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