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RAW: Akunin – Jap Film Festival (Oz Asia) – 4K

Japanese cinema has been on a decade-long surge to shock or predictably bring manga to the big screen, but with multi award-winning Akunin (Villain) an emotionally powerful film has raised expectations significantly.

RAW: OzAsia – Japanese Film Fest – Gantz 2

Gantz 2 not only plays out like a comic book does and humans physically can’t, but it will blow you away with some of the most unique fight scenes ever seen on screen.

RAW: OzAsia – The Arrival – Her Majesty’s – 4K

Much a shame there was only one night of it for Adelaide audiences this year. 4K

RAW: OzAsia – Koan – Space – 4K

For an experience of new music for Adelaide ears, superbly – hauntingly and beautifully – performed by world class performers, Koan was an experience not to be missed.

RAW: Shaolin Warriors – OzAsia @ The Festival Theatre

The Shaolin Warriors are one of the highlights of this year’s OzAsia Festival at the Festival Theatre for only 2 nights. Calling this an energetic show may be somewhat of an understatement. Full of kicks, jumps, thumps and punches this display of agility and coordination with lightning fast speed tells the story of a young …

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RAW: OzAsia Festival Preview – Win Tix

Japan is the country of focus for this year’s 5th OzAsia Festival kicking off this Friday evening. Three shows come complete from there, three are Australian-Japanese collaborations and there is also a Japanese festival of 10 films as part of the overall on-screen program. Shugo Tokumaru (9th and 10th Sept) is a gifted songwriter and …

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RAW: SALA – White Rabbit – Samstag – 4K

There are many provocative works to enjoy but my favourite is Wang Zhiyuan’s Object of Desire, a huge fibreglass construction of a piece of pink lady’s underwear. 4K