Tag: SALA 2011 reviews

RAW: SALA – Suite – Lesa Farrant, Phil Hart et al – St Morris Upholsterers

For those looking for stylish curios for the house, especially at the prices on offer, all present excellent opportunities and reason for a half hour fossicking amongst the furniture.

RAW – SALA – Moving Image Project – Various

The big innovation in the 2011 SALA Festival is the introduction of the Moving Image Project, conducted in conjunction with the Adelaide Festival Centre.

RAW: SALA – How Do We Love Thee – Fine Art Kangaroo Island – Nat Wine Centre – 4.5K

There are many, many art works that will catch your eye and Fleur and Fred Peters are to be congratulated on their efforts in putting this exhibition together – it is one of the standout displays of this year’s SALA. 4.5K

RAW: Waterhouse Natural History Art Exhibition – SA Museum

As with previous years, the exhibition attracts a diversity of styles that matches the world it attempts to portray. Also, as with past years, the five person judging panel has not confined its credit to particular methods or movements

RAW: SALA – Ruby Chew – Magazine Gallery

At just 22 years of age, Ruby Chew’s talent is phenomenal and the future of this artist is looking bright. An exhibition of excellent quality, I highly recommend seeing the portraits of Ruby Chew first-hand and sampling a taste of this other world.

RAW: SALA – Rachel Lobban and Bill & Bob Botten – The Maid

The standout and perhaps for the all the works being shown in the hotel is Bill Botten’s Theme Park which for anyone who has driven past the theme parks on the M1 near the gold Coast will be instantly recognisable.

RAW: SALA – Two Countries, Two Cameras By Ben McGee and Nerissa Stanley – Urban Cow Studio – 4K

For Ben McGee this is his second exhibition following on from the successful Wanderlust and here he has taken time off from his Geology PhD studies to travel to Cuba, live with locals and observe the country. And what a fine job he has done. 4K