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Fringe 2019 – Double Denim: A Very Fancy Dinner Party – Cupola – 4K

In every comedy duo, there’s a straight man and a funny man. Double Denim – featuring Michelle Brasier and Laura Frew – is not every comedy duo. There is no straight man here; it’s just crazy and crazier. Double Denim: A Very Fancy Dinner Party is a kooky parody of My Kitchen Rules, with the …

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FRINGE THEATRE — Fleabag— The Box @ GOUD — 5K

Fleabag is funny, heartbreaking, honest and poetically beautiful all at once. It reminds us that well-performed theatre — with nothing but a chair as a prop and the audience’s imagination — is a true art. Even if theatre isn’t your thing, this will be. 5K

FRINGE COMEDY – Lawrence Mooney: An Evening with Malcolm Turnbull – The Factory @ GOUD – 3.5K

Regardless of your political leaning, Lawrence Mooney’s ‘An Evening with Malcolm Turnbull’ is a fun look at the ridiculousness of our political system. A guaranteed good night out if you like your politics with a good dose of cynicism, swearing and wit. 3.5K

FRINGE CABARET — YUMMY — The Garden of Unearthly Delights — 4K

YUMMY is a modern drag show for the adventurous fringe-goer. Its extravagant costumes, fun characters and perfectly choreographed, provocative dance hits will leave you mesmerised and wanting more. YUMMY runs for another two weeks until Sunday 4th March. Kryztoff Rating 4K

FRINGE 2017: Clairy Browne – Spiegel Tent – The Garden of Unearthly Delights – 4K

By Tom Eckert Clairy Browne is an unapologetic thunderstorm of a vision straight out of an R&B fantasy. manifesting old styles from the golden years of the genre, she brings it into the 21st century on wings of what she’ll do to anyone who dares cross her. Right from the first beat she’s belting with …

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FRINGE 2016: THEATRE – Defrosted – Le Cascadeur, The Garden of Unearthly Delights – 3K

by glen r johns As you can tell from the title, Defrosted is a pastiche of the megahit Frozen. A simple set, designed for touring: just a screen (reminding me of the Paramount Pictures mountain logo) hiding a swag of props, a cheap freezer & a guitar. Cat and Nicko are onstage bantering about favourite …

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Fringe 2016 – Knee Deep – Casus Circus – The Garden – Rating 4K – Review by Julie Robins

The beautiful and surprising images they create, especially those involving eggs and aerial ribbons, linger long after the show has finished. 4K

Fringe 2015- East End Cabaret: Sexual Tension – The Deluxe- The Garden of Unearthly Delights – 4k

By Tom Eckert East End Cabaret is a duo of Bernadette; Deutsche Diva reminiscent of “Wilkommen, Bienvenue” etc etc.And the hermaphroditically dressed musician Victy. A combination of vaudeville and pop culture, if you’re out looking for a riot, you won’t be disappointed. Whilst not delivering on the literal sexual tension of the title; the show …

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Fringe 2015 – VIRADA – TAP. ACROBATICS. PERCUSSION – The Garden of Unearthly Delights – The Factory – 4K

By Tom Eckert Virada first and foremost is a feel good show. The gently wafting smoke struck through with lights in moody blues and reds combine to create an atmosphere of anticipation primed by the gentle folk blues playing in the background. From the first drum beat there is a rhythmic pulse that runs through …

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FRINGE 2015: Sam Simmons – Spaghetti for Breakfast – 4.5K

By Anthony Nguyen The comedic nature of Sam Simmons’ eccentric personality is highlighted in his 2015 Adelaide Fringe show Spaghetti for Breakfast. Though many people may recognise him as a regular Triple J radio host and TV presenter, Simmons is a seasoned comedian with several awards under his belt including the 2011 Adelaide Fringe Best …

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