RAW: Fashion Friday – American Apparel – Profile

Story By Sebastian White

Images By Harry Pearce

211 Rundle Street, Adelaide – www.americanapparel.com.au

Since its inception in Los Angeles in 1998, American Apparel has prospered in catering for a global clientele. Its unique infusion of retrospective and contemporary styles is perhaps one of the most notable reasons why it appeals to a diverse demographic. AA successfully integrates retrospective styles through fit, colour and cut. It is these mediums that contemporise the abundant range of retrospective clothing, making them accessible to the modern dresser.

AA’s range, whether of a retrospective or contemporary nature, is concerned with accentuating the physical form, which is evident in their rather promiscuous ad campaigns. What results is clothing that highlights both the male and female forms and presents them in a sexy way. It is a pursuit that has generated several avant-garde looks, including both the male v-neck tee and leggings worn in lieu of trousers. These are merely two of many signature AA looks that cultivate a sexy and modern look, flattering the male and female forms.

A credit to AA is the relaxation of strict male and female styles. AA unlike any other retailer offers consumers a unisex range of clothing that effectively blurs feminine and masculine attire. AA offers an array of choices, allowing men and women to choose between tight or relaxed fitting attire, which features in an array of vibrant colours and textiles. AA recognises that colours, textiles and fits are not gender specific and so their unisex range offers the consumer more freedom in their choices. AA as a retailer doesn’t dictate what one wears or how one wears an article of clothing, but instead embraces the individualist, offering only a magnificent sense of direction with an innumerable range of possibilities.

From humble beginnings, AA has grown, continually impressing its clientele with avant-garde styles, and a diversity of looks that can be obtained from this one stop shop. AA is the epitome of cool, a retailer unlike any other, providing an eccentric, diverse and accessible range of apparel at modest prices.

American Apparel’s Adelaide store is located at 211 Rundle Street, Adelaide, 5000.

Models:  Sebastian White (upper); Scott Bray (lower)

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