THEATRE – Dracula – Space Theatre – 4.5K

If you are fascinated by special effects or a brilliant use of a revolving stage, then this show is for you.

The story is about Count Dracula, and the tales of Transylvania. This theatre performance features incredible use of the stage where it feels like you’re watching a movie. The lights and sounds synchronised in such a way that it adds to the full effect of the story. The transitions flow very smoothly as if they have employed an editing team to cut the scenes right infront of your eyes.

The acting deserves a good mention as they performed magnificently appropriate to the era. The use of voice changers work really well, which makes me wonder how they were able to do it as it seems the actors only projected their voices. The effects add to the amusement as they have used it in such a convincing way. You can actually feel the fright from the audience. The row of seats move from the jumps of the viewers who did not expect what just unfolded to them.

The show goes on for an hour and 40 minutes, so there will be moments within the performance that will make you think to yourself how this story is still going. However, although it’s all part of the effective narration of the tale, some scenes feel like a drag with the dialogues being a bit too long.

Apart from that, the production is very well put together. The effects and the alchemy of lights and sounds are done very nicely. The atmosphere is a major draw card in this, hence they deserve a 4.5K rating. Definitely a must-see.


Kryztoff Rating: 4.5K

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