FRINGE 2018: Goodie Two Shoes – 4K

By Anthony Nguyen

scaled_800X800MCLEANJames McLean is no stranger to the Adelaide Fringe scene with his highly-praised shows A Kick in the Head and Other Seduction Techniques in 2012-2013 and Big Enough and Ugly Enough in 2015-2016. SA-native McLean once again returns with his charismatic personality and charming wit for the 2018 Adelaide Fringe with his new comedy-cabaret show Goodie Two Shoes.

Goodie Two Shoes tells the comical tale of Peter Hart whose good manners and polite personality often finds himself in uncomfortable social situations. His reluctance to offend anyone produces some hilarious interactions against outspoken characters which unwillingly spirals him down world of criminal activity.

Much like his previous shows, McLean performs as a one-man show using very minimal props. His ability to display different accents, mannerisms, and speech styles allows him to embody various characters on a whim, making you sometimes forget that all these characters are coming from the same person.

Accompanied with only a simple backing track, McLean interweaves a few original and hilariously-written musical numbers into his performance. Though McLean performs with clear and theatrical vocal talent, his musical pieces don’t seem to play a large part in the storytelling. Additionally, McLean’s strong voice is sometimes slightly discordant against the simpler background music, however it does not take away from his comedic delivery.

McLean is showing no signs of slowing down and his show Goodie Two Shoes continues to highlight his talent and skill in producing an entertaining comedy-cabaret. Situated at the Noel Lothian Hall surrounded by the extravagant Adelaide Botanical Gardens, James McLean continues his showrun for the 2018 Adelaide Fringe until the 18th of March.

Kryztoff Rating: 4K

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