Ali Mcgregor- Yma

By GARY CLARKE                                                         Friday 15th June 2018

Not too many humans can boast a vocal register spanning almost 5 octaves. To then employ that extraordinary range to trill and perform baffling sonal calisthenics effortlessly is a rare gift indeed.    Yma Sumac the amazing Peruvian songbird that wowed the world in the 1950’s was one such creature.   Ali Mcgregor, our sublimely talented Cabaret Festival director is also clearly at home soaring in such stratospheric regions of the human voice.

This isn’t just  another “Tribute Show”, this is a veneration.   Ali Mcgregor;  opera singer, cabaret performer, chanteuse and director of numerous festivals,  lovingly explores the life and career of the remarkable  Yma Sumac.   While performing so many  songs that made Yma Sumac  the most successful   artist  in The Capitol Records stable  at the time, outselling  Bing Crosby and other notable superstars of the era,  Ali Mcgregor  weaves in her own story of how she discovered and explored the life and art  of  this enigmatic  performer.

Ali’s performance is utterly faultless and she is accompanied by a talented troupe including Mikelangelo  as her husband Moises,  Lily Paskas-Goodfellow  as her cousin Cholita,  and the musical prowess of a talented sextet .    If like me, you are a fan of Yma Sumac  you will not be disappointed.   If this music is a recent discovery or totally new to you then you are in for a treat.    I doubt anyone could be anything other than impressed at the professionalism and musical prowess evident in this performance.

by Gary Clarke …………………….    4.5K



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