JEREMY NICHOLAS – After Dinner Stories – Gilded Balloon – 4K

By Peter Maddern

Jeremy Nicholas is the 11th most successful Jeremy in BBC history; it’s a claim to fame that is neither verified nor doubted. Nonetheless, it sets the scene for this engaging hour long chat from the voice of the FIFA Football game about his various triumphs, failures and frustrations, especially as colleagues who have sat with him in various sound proof booths across England have gone on to fame and fortunes that might have been his. To be clear the name-dropping is done with good humour with a bell signing off each mention.

Nicholas starts his tour of radio and sports venues with a detailed examination of the various accents that dot the English landscape and while, as an Australian, many of the places and people mentioned were not known, this hardly deprecated from the rich enjoyment to be gained from a master story teller relaxed in his role.

When stand up has often resorted to crudity and the crass, even the 11th most famous Jeremy can deliver a rousing hour of humour from which to further embark on your day at the Fringe.

Kryztoff Rating   4K

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