Why John Howard REALLY Sucked – Jordan Shanks


Jordan Shanks – Rhino Room March 1st 2019


Image: Jordan Shanks in a previous life as an Advertising Model.

Review  by Gary Clarke                                                                                                                4 STARS

Jordan Shanks relies on parody as the lubricant for his acerbic wit and is impressive dishing it out to high flyers, politicians and public figures but less so aiming cheap shots at easy targets like Bogons and  “Dole Bludgers” .  Shank’s audience of Millennials and  a smattering of of Zs and some older cohorts like yours truly were geared up and well prepared.  Most of them having followed “Happy Jordies” his online persona on You Tube.

At times it seemed more like a partisan Uni lecture on politics but with the professor being a well groomed good looking Millennial with an acerbic wit and a sharp tongue and the lecture theatre having beer wine and spirits on tap.  If only that were the case while I was at Uni, I never would have completed my degree but I would have enjoyed myself all the way…!

” I’ve always had a strong performing background. I’ve been doing it since I was five and I have very little understanding of what public shame is, I’m just an exhibitionist” .  he informed The Daily Mail.  And it shows. He is at home on stage and very comfortable in front of a full house of 150 people in The Rhino room.   His delivery is well honed and the subject matter very well researched.

Jordan Shanks argument is that all the important, effective developments both economic and social achieved since the 1960s have been at the hands of Labor Governments and that the mainstream press and even the ABC and SBS have promulgated a well worn myth that the LNP and Conservatives are better economic managers.

Who would have thunk a 29yo male model with a degree in International Politics could be so funny, keeping one hundred and fifty  25-35 year old’s  engaged and entertained for 70 minutes. Not one of them took out their phone to check their social media accounts or to tweet, Snapchat or Instagram.!

Jordan Shanks has had international exposure as a male model and since 2015 has built a You Tube channel following of 200,000 for his show “Friendly Jordies” while also performing live stand up comedy in front of audiences here in Australia and around the world.  Performing live is what he lives for and he works hard to keep that dream alive.   Unless of course he gets offered a safe Labor seat at the next election. Stay tuned!

Review by Gary Clarke                                                                                                                          4 STARS



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