Fringe 2019 – Circus Abyssinia – Ethiopian Dreams – Peacock at Gluttony – 5K

In a Fringe awash with circus acts Circus Abyssinia are a stand-out.
Gimmick free and full of top level skill and enthusiasm, any one of the acts in this show would be well worth the admission price.

Formed in 2017 by brothers Bibi and Bichu, Circus Abyssinia is the first circus created by and for Ethiopian artists. Don’t be fooled by the youth of these charismatic performers, they exhibit a level of expertise way beyond that of many older artists.
Synchronised perfectly with the sensational music, and with spectacular lighting effects, the performances continue at a cracking pace. Hitting the stage with a wonderful dance routine the mood then shifts constantly with an astonishing contortionist double act leading into skipping routines, hand vaulting, cloth spinning, Chinese pole work, juggling, hula hoop, and more dance.
Even each set up of equipment was done in an entertaining fashion. There were just enough minor mishaps and near misses to keep us on the edge of our seats. Indeed the routines were executed with so much skill that it made the feats seem deceptively easy. Perhaps they should have issued a caution of “don’t try this at home!”

The standing ovation that this celebration of life received was well deserved. Circus Abyssinia is an ideal show for all ages, the children in attendance were transfixed throughout. In the middle of this hot Adelaide summer a bonus is the fact that the Peacock is an airconditioned space.

Peacock at Gluttony until March 17th.

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