FRINGE 2019: Stephen K Amos – The Story So Far – 5K

By Anthony Nguyen

As one of the most well-known stand-up comedians over the past decade in the Adelaide Fringe circuit, Stephen K Amos brings his timeless comedic talent back to the 2019 Adelaide Fringe for (possibly) his swan song.

Amos has been a regular on the international comedy circuit with numerous appearances on television and radio. Aptly titled The Story So Far…, his Fringe show confirms his global status as seasoned performer onstage.

Though a British comedian, Amos unapologetically delivers uncensored and topical humour with not only local Adelaide content regarding Lime scooters, Clipsal/Superloop ‘bogans’, and extreme South Australian weather, but also political topics on more the global scale including Brexit, Trump’s presidency, and the #MeToo movement. With an uncensored comedic style, he is not afraid to push the boundaries of what comedy can be and will leave you questioning whether he really just say that.

He takes the time to acknowledge his extensive career and the reflect on the recent passing of loved ones yet seamlessly finds the comedic side in a sombre moment. As a tribute, Amos encourages the audience to raise money for the local Adelaide hospice service, the Mary Potter Foundation, with people collecting money after the show.

Seeing Stephen K Amos perform, it is evident why he still stands as one of the more popular comedic acts at the Adelaide Fringe every year. Amos performs at the Arts Theatre for the remainder of the Adelaide Fringe until 16th of March. A warning that you may potentially leave the theatre with a sore jaw from all the laughing, as it did happen to me.

Kryztoff Rating: 5K

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