GREG BYRON – Poetic Licence


Treasury 1860 – March 9th 2019 – 8pm – 5 stars

Review by Gary Clarke

Greg Byron a.k.a Gavin Robertson is a fully licenced wordsmith. A man with a brilliant turn of phrase. For this show we were comfortably seated in the front bar of the Treasury 1860 venue sucking down expensive beers (No wonder they call it The Treasury !)

Greg sauntered in wearing a Lord Byronesque dress coat and launched into a tome on social awareness. He tells how soporific our narcissistic lives have become through social media as the world goes to pot. Because if you’re not angry – are you awake?

Better spoken than read is Greg’s motto when referring to his art and I certainly concur. His delivery is sharp and witty and the nuances of tone, intonation, timing, body language and facial cues give canyons of depth to what is already scintillating wordplay. I note touches of John Cooper Clarke in Greg’s style but our Mr Byron displays a tad more eloquent stage craft than his fellow word warrior.

Our Bard has done it hard. Trying to make a living as a poet has never been easy but few people can put together rhyming couplets so meaningfully as he. Yet so much of Greg’s material could easily be delivered rap style and if he was of a different era he could be makin’ a killin’ with verses that are chillin’. But hey this guy is far more subtle and real for all that hype. He is just not the type ! If you listen to Greg he gets in to your head and before too long you will be rhyming along.

For an hour that night our host utilised his poetic licence to take us away with words through his way with words.

If you love to listen to someone who has mastered his lexiconic craft.  A purveyor of words and language that delight the ear and feed the soul then Greg Byron speaks to you. He is a man with no tickets on himself but you should grab some tickets for yourself.

Review by

GARY CLARKE Kryztoff – 5 stars

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