COMFORT FOOD CABARET – Imagination Workshop – 4K

By Peter Maddern

It’s an unfortunate side effect of Festival season in Edinburgh that one’s eating experiences, even at the best restaurants, are pretty much defined by meals being delivered within moments of giving up one’s menus. 

No such problem exists when Michelle Pearson takes up the challenge with her delightful Comfort Food Cabaret delivered in the Kings Hall at the George St Intercontinental Hotel. For not only does one get a delicious three course meal cooked before you, Michelle adds to the delight by describing not only the influences on the ingredients chosen but also the influences on her course selections – a first date, a lost loved one and so on – and I need to mention Michelle can sing.

For this girl from Adelaide, Australia, this is a gift to the world and what a gift; for this Fringe season, arancini balls, pasta ragu and choccy mousse. While you eat, her band, brought with her, plays, giving the event a feel that mixes a wedding reception with a private concert, and oh, did I mention Michelle can sing. 

Food warriors may squeal at the menu choices but the name of the show gives you forewarning – this is no place for vegan and vegetarian vultures (though nor is it exactly a recasting of Two Fat Ladies dishing up the bowls of whipped cream as they whirled their way across the English country side.) 

So, give yourself a break from hurried curries, bashed up burgers or limp lentils and sit back and savour a show that will embrace all your senses, not forgetting to mention that Michelle can really sing.

Kryztoff Rating.  4K 

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