Fringe Music 2020 – Soweto Gospel Choir – Cornucopia at Gluttony – 4K

Hailing from South Africa, this delightful choir brings all the joy, colour, vibrancy and enthusiasm of a culture celebrating the struggle which ultimately ended the Apartheid regime.

Combining melodic and rhythmic traditional South African music with English standards, such as a glorious rendition of ‘Amazing Grace’, this stunning performance played to a – disappointingly small – crowd.

Nonetheless, this did not dampen the enthusiasm of the audience, who seemed to be as enthralled as I was with the delightful sounds and energy emanating from the stage.

It is near impossible to watch a Soweto Gospel Choir performance without being swept up in a sensory landslide of music, joy and freedom.

While perhaps not the best venue acoustically for such an event, the Soweto Gospel Choir is nonetheless a must-see performance of world music for those who are not able to attend WOMAD.


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