FRINGE COMEDY: Impromptunes – The Completely Improvised Musical – Parasol Lounge at Gluttony – 3K

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By Ben Watson

The Impromptunes cast, along with their very capable pianist, create an entirely improvised musical each night (as the title explains). The performers introduce the improvisational concept before an audience suggestion is randomly chosen and the premier/finale show is commenced.
As no two shows are the same, excitement of the unknown lures crowds towards performances of this variety – every audience will take away a unique experience. Upon acquiring the show’s official title (Back to Black in this case), the pianist provided an overture – one of the more graceful aspects of the performance. Despite having no involvement selecting the musical’s title, the cast leaps into character bouncing ideas off each other to develop a spontaneous plot in which they would be anchored to for the remaining 50 minutes of the show. I could discuss the bizarre storyline which unravelled thereon, although as I’ve already mentioned, the actual intricacies of such a show are will never truly be repeated.

The art of improvisation is certainly an entertaining spectacle. Some of the best comedic moments throughout were established within the unavoidable plot holes created during the creatively raw performance style. Any rehearsed performance would desire nothing less than a demonstration of such disorganised chaos, the imperfect nature of Impromptunes works heavily in their favour.

The entire cast were definitely talented; almost all of them very able singers, actors and dancers. Despite the pianist being quite competent, the music and singing was somewhat lacklustre, it did not seem to develop or evolve as the musical elapsed.

An enjoyable night, though some of the humour may not be suited to a younger crowd. I would suggest 15 years and up for this one.

Kryztoff Rating 3K

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