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RIO 40 : Fringe 2023 : 4K

An Aussie tourist, wide-eyed and somewhat gormless, arrives in Rio ready for adventure. Rio-born internationally renowned choreographer Talita Fontainha enthusiastically introduced her team of mainly South Australian performers and invited us all to join the party. With a backdrop of scenes of Rio, the high energy dance routines were accompanied by upbeat music and song. …

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This is a show that is surely bound for larger stages and I feel very lucky to have experienced it up close in the intimate Nexus venue. Western jazz has long been interested in Indian classical and Carnatic music but Sydney saxophonist Matt Keegan is interested in blending Indian folk music, principally from the Baul …

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THEATRE – Baling – OzAsia – Nexus – 4K

This is an excellent production, well conceived and thought through and delivered with credibility and respect for the people of the time they represented. 4K

FRINGE 2018 – CABARET – Burlesque by Force – Nexus – 4.5K

Burlesque By Force is a powerful work, superbly delivered. 4.5K

FRINGE – Cabaret de la Burlesque – Nexus – 4K

Cabaret de la Burlesque is an entertaining romp not to be missed. 4K

FRINGE – Somewhere Between the Worlds – Nexus – 3.5K

If you enjoy a different style of music than most of those offered at the Adelaide Fringe, then Somewhere Between the Worlds is a great show that has its final show on March 10th at the Nexus Cabaret. 3.5K