RAW: Cabaret Festival – The Magnets – 4.5K

Self proclaimed as a grown up boy band (complete with Westlife parody), the British group The Magnets kicked off the Cabaret Festival at the Playhouse in fine style. Using only their mouths for sound, but amply projecting not only voice but bass and drums, the six man sound machine were an all class act in their Gobsmacked show.

Highlights included Irishman’s Patrick Smith’s Living On A Prayer and Stephen Trowell up front for Bowie’s Let’s Dance.

Behind the most effective lighting and perfect choreography, the beat work of the mouths of Andy Frost and Fraser Collins warranted close inspection, sustaining sound and timing with dancing and by play throughout faultlessly. Frost’s solo number working an imaginary mixing desk rightfully brought all that to the fore and it proved another highlight.

With the just right amount of team and solo numbers and crowd interaction, it is obvious why The Magnets have been a favourite of the Edinburgh Fringe and Glastonbury Festival but less obviously why 10 years after forming this was their first Australian show.

More than a mouthful of supreme entertainment.

Kryztoff Rating  4.5K

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