RAW: Cabaret Festival – Glenn Shorrock – 4K

Elizabeth boy, Glenn Shorrock returned to his home town giving him and his audience an enjoyable trip down memory lane. From the Twilights, through Axiom to the Little River Band, Shorrock gave us the best of the songs written by him or for him by the likes of Graham Goble and Brian Cadd, wedged in with a few Beatle and Bobby Darin tracks as well.

His 15 piece band, including four in the wind section, four ‘string sirens’, three guitarists and two on drums and percussion, reprised perfectly all those great rift motifs that came to single out those songs as hits in their time and which have kept them in our memory ever since.

Shorrock himself was somewhat off his game early on, as if he had just witnessed some car accident or similar, but after one fluffed verse regained his professionalism and delighted not only a full Playhouse but ‘the three women in his life’, his wife, mother and sister who were also present.

The highlights included Reminiscing, Little Ray of Sunshine and in the encore, Cool Change and the Beatles’ Carry That Weight both of which were the only tracks where new workings were attempted and both achieved with great success.

Neither Shorrock nor his audience are getting any younger but for a trip down memory lane this performance suggested the roses were still in bloom, the sun shone and birds chirped just as memory would and should have them.

Kryztoff Rating  4K

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