RAW: Cabaret Fringe – Comedy Hypnosis – Higher Ground – 3K

By Nicki Bullock

It was a Thursday night upon a darkened stage at Higher Ground that I found myself being hypnotised by Isaac Lomman.  His Comedy Hypnosis show runs from 16th-18th June as part of the Cabaret Fringe Festival, in Higher Ground, just off Light Square.

The experience was relaxing, joyful and amusing.  At one stage in the night I believed I could tapdance and dominated the stage as if the world’s greatest performer.  The suggestion that I could only sing and not talk during intermission found more resistance within my mind though; a mind stubbonly sure that the voice it controls cannot sing!  Not at all what I expected from a Thursday evening out, throughout the whole performance I was in a state of peace, and often abundant joy; it was like a guided meditation with an element of play.

The crowd for the opening night was small – a cosy, friendly gathering around candlelit tables.  Waves of laughter rose and ebbed as Lomman generated an environment cheery and trusting, and slightly absurd in a very fun sense.  A play on senses and perceptions, for the participants who find themselves on stage it is an opportunity not to be bound by the conscious mind, to let yourself play, letting your imagination flow open to Lomman’s suggestions as he guides us through a unique journey, memorably peaceful and joyous.

A unique and amusing experience for the audience too, this is an evening out well worth the admission price.

Kryztoff Rating  3K

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