RAW: Cabaret Fringe – A Night of Dangerous Liasons, The Prom – 4K

By Nicki Bullock

Finding myself in the sumptuous ultra-comfort of The Promethean for A Night of Dangerous Liasons I am captivated by the wittily charming and curvaceously gorgeous Carla Conlin. Opening with a confident and sassy rendition of ‘Whatever Lola Wants’ she sets the tone for a sensual evening, audience hanging upon her words and saucy looks as she plays the crowd with brilliant stage presence.

Asking what happens when Lola does not get whatever Lola wants, the performance looks at liasons and love from a modern and often hilarious perspective.  With songs such as ‘Masochist Tango’, ‘You Grew On Me (Like A Tumour)’ and an ode to the one night stand, the lovely fuck buddy, Carla’s search for Mr. Right, or at least  Mr. Right for Now, is highly amusing and entertaining.  Different approaches are taken, using cheesy pick up lines upon her gay admiree, lying on facebook to get a date, pretending she knows how to rock climb and the results are as funny as the approaches taken to get a date.

Carla’s interactions with the audience are  lovely; fun and friendly in the cosy space.   Charming and charismatic, she brings me to giggles and racous laughter, and daunts some male members of the audience, one man confiding to me that he would be scared to date a woman like that.  Narrator and band also contribute to a polished performance so very cleverly written.

This was a wonderful start to the evening; a celebration of powerful femininity.

Kryztoff Rating  4K

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