RAW: SALA – Suite – Lesa Farrant, Phil Hart et al – St Morris Upholsterers

An exhibition of some interest is on at the St Morris Upholsterers shop on Magill Road. Phil Hart presents 21 porcelain pots, most white with blue sand dune like lines or plant stems and leaves, of various sizes, all giving you that feel of the beach. Maria Parmenter presents around 25 slabs built in earthenware and screen printed (with the occasional porcelain.) Where Hart works with blue, Parmenter focuses on a pale red with patterns that remind you of woollen carpets that eke out the designs of landmarks that may be familiar such as the old Highways Department building in Walkerville. Many are attached to the wall in the shape of half eggs.

Lesa Farrant has created an array of porcelain pieces the most likeable of which are her Lids and Pins, slip cast porcelain in white with green and red pins painted on. While Lauren Simeoni has specialised in jewellery with the standouts being Bing Swagger, Cherry Bomb and Krystal, all incorporating artificial plant foliage with other elements to create pieces of real interest.

For those looking for stylish curios for the house, especially at the prices on offer, all present excellent opportunities and reason for a half hour fossicking amongst the furniture.

Also, worth looking at, though not on the official handout, are half a dozen paintings by young Adelaide artist, Andy Clarke. Very much in the impressionist style, Clarke already possesses a significant additional knack for conveying sensual feeling and emotion in his work, especially with mist (Morning in Mackerel Bay) and haze (Butlers Beach). There are also moments of influence from traditional Japanese artists. When combined with provocative titles such as Ibis In Filth and The Bengali Flute, Clarke is an artist to look out for in the future.

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