FRINGE – Op Shop Tour – 3.5 K

By Caroline Melia

This event is a quirky way to spend 4 hours of the day in the company of like minded others looking for the best bargains Adelaide has to offer.

The bus was full when we set off from the first stop in the city centre and it soon became clear that the event has a dedicated following of regular attendees who were as enthusiastic about the trip as the presenter herself. While the bus was on the move, we were asked to share stories about op-shops and explain what we were looking for and why. This gave the day a good sense of camaraderie and as the bus progressed we were asked to collectivity to look out for particular items that people were searching for.

The bus takes you to six different stores and there is a tea stop with freshly made scones. All the shops that you visit are run by charities so you also know your money is going to a good cause.

There is quite a tight schedule and the day I attended there were some latecomers, so we were constantly pushed on by the clock. This gave the day a rather frenzied feel and certainly encouraged you to make purchases quickly, although it would have been nice to have more time to look around. If you have a list of things to look for its much easer to focus your foraging.

The bus travels to different shops each day so there should always be good bargains on offer and an incentive to take the trip again.

I recommend taking cash as some of the stores had card limits and to the men that want to attend, you may be the only male on the bus apart from the diver.

Despite the rain, it was a very enjoyable day and something I would recommend to anyone who likes a day of bargain hunting.

Kryztoff Rating  3.5K

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